FAQ Bamboo

Where is the bamboo from?

Bamboo grows in many parts of the world. Our bamboo comes from the mountains of China, in Fujian and Zhejiang provinces. Superior bamboo is found here because of the higher altitude and colder winters. Cold weather helps toughen the fibers, resulting in a harder pole.

Where is the Teak from?

Our Teak (Tectona Grandis) is harvested from licensed concessions in Indonesia. It is Plantation Teak and harvested from old growth trees. All our Teak is premium quality Grade A lumber, perfect for boat construction, outdoor decking or any other project requiring high quality lumber. Naturally termite resistant, all our Teak is kiln-dried to MC levels of 8-12%. For more information please call or email. To shop for Teak now, please click here.

How is bamboo packed and shipped?

Bamboo is packed in cartons with 2 to 20 poles per carton, depending on diameter. All orders are shipped via UPS or Fedex ground or equivalent courier services and trucking for large quantities. 

We try our best to accommodate same day rush orders, however please send us an email if your order must be received within a specific time..for weddings, special events etc..

Bamboo diameter sizes listed are approximate as bamboo naturally tapers as it grows, with some tapering more than others. Poles are eyeballed and categorically placed in boxes closest to their sizes. General tolerance is about +/- 0.25" at the base and approx 0.25" tapering, from end to end.

Currently we offer shipping to all states within continental US, except for APO/FPO/DPO addresses. For quotes to Hawaii, Alaska and the Islands please email us.

When does my order ship?

Typically all orders are processed within 2-3 business days after the order has been received.  All orders are shipped UPS  or Fedex ground and can take upto 5 business days for delivery within the continental United States.  Orders ship from Los Angeles or Miami.  Please allow up to 5 business days in transit. These are approximate delivery times in addition to processing days. So please allow 8-10 business days for delivery after you place your order.

We recommend you place your orders at least 2-3 weeks prior to your event requirements.

We also recommend you check the package for any kind of damages and missing parts in the event the package is received damaged, and inform us within 3 business days of receiving the package.  Please try to save the packaging (it helps file any claim with insurance).

Packages arriving with visible damage, should be brought to the attention of the delivery person and you are welcome to refuse delivery on account of package received damaged.

Clearance/Sale merchandise cannot be returned or exchanged unless prior authorization has been requested.

Where do I pick up my order?

All completed check-out orders for pick up receive an order confirmation and a separate email with pick up information.

Our warehouses are located in Los Angeles (Gardena), CA and in Miami (Doral), FL

Warehouse pick-ups can be arranged next business day; please call or send us an email to arrange any rush orders.  Warehouse is open from 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM, Monday to Friday.

We do ask you place your orders through the website and checkout, prior to arrival at our warehouse.  As a logistics warehouse, no payments are accepted on-site. 

Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated and displayed at checkout before you enter your payment information.


Bamboo's natural beauty and peaceful appearance pretty much makes it a keeper by almost all who buy them, but we understand it may not be the right item for some.  

All returns must be requested with 7 days of receiving.  All returns must be accompanied in their original packaging. In addition, only un-used items will be accepted back for return.  A re-stocking fee of $8/box will be deducted from all returns. All return shipping will be buyers responsibility. All goods received damaged must be brought to the attention of Bamboo Expressions within 3 days of receiving. If item received is visibly damaged at the time of delivery, you may refuse delivery on account of visible damage to the item.  Please send photographs if possible to supplement any issues. All damages will go through assessment by a representative of the courier company before any replacements or refunds are authorized. 

Bamboo Expressions reserves the right to refuse any order for delivery or refund within reason.   

Bamboo by nature is a forest product. It must grow for many years before it can be harvested for use.  In addition, it must go through many days of drying and treatment before it is ready for packaging. Scratches and minor cracking is considered normal and does not affect the stability of the product. Although bamboo less than 1" dia is less susceptible to cracks, it is very common in diameters over 1".

How is the bamboo treated ?

Our bamboo is sun-dried and treated in a boiling solution of water and boric acid to remove any sugars that can invite termites and helps eliminate any resident insects. Although not toxic to humans, animals or common household pets,  a simple wipe down with soap and water is a good way to remove any lingering surface residue.

How can I clean my bamboo?

First, clean bamboo with a mild detergent then coat it with a 50/50 combination of linseed oil and paint thinner.

Can I paint it?

Yes, but you should clean it with paint thinner first. This removes the oils. Please see our painting poles section for more details.

Is bamboo resistant to moisture?

Yes, it is, but for extra protection coat the bamboo with clear PU (polyurethane) coating. Clean it first (see above) to remove the oils from the skin before coating. If you are putting the bamboo in the ground or the environment is particularly wet, use two coats.

Does bamboo split?

Poles 2” or less rarely split, while larger poles can split if the humidity changes are significant.

What’s bamboo good for?

Normally our poles are used for decoration, gardening and construction. However, people have found more uses for bamboo than Forrest Gump has found for shrimp. At the risk of sounding Gumpesque, here’s a small list of items made from bamboo: bamboo blinds, bamboo flutes, bamboo fishing rods, bamboo shoots, bamboo floor, bamboo chopsticks, bamboo toothpicks, bamboo bicycles…. Bamboo is also a delicious food. Just ask any panda bear.

Beware the Hungry Panda

Speaking of the mighty panda, aren’t you stealing its food?

Our bamboo is harvested nowhere near the habitat of the Panda bear (the panda bear lives in Sichuan province. ) Additionally, we do not sell the type of bamboo the panda eats. Bamboo Expressions supports panda preservation efforts.

Okay, but, what’s up with ‘Panda Express’ restaurants? They don’t serve panda meat, they don’t serve anything a panda can eat, and while cute, the panda is not exactly a fast, express-type animal.

Good question. We have no idea. But they seem to be doing quite well.

Is bamboo environmentally friendly?

Bamboo is extremely environmentally friendly. Bamboo is a grass, not a wood, so it is a very renewable resource. Poles take 1 year to grow to full size, and 4 years to achieve maturity. As any one who has planted bamboo in their garden has discovered, often the problem with bamboo is not making it grow: it’s making it stop growing (if you are thinking of planting bamboo in your garden and you do not want it colonize your whole yard, put metal sheeting 3 feet down in the dirt to keep the root structure from spreading). Furthermore, Bamboo Expressions bamboo is not ‘clear cut’, only mature poles are harvested.

What about your labor standards?

Safety and fair labor are of the utmost importance at Bamboo Expressions.    To ensure this, we have invested in our primary processing facility to give us control that all our workers are paid above the natural average, and that safety / environmental standards are equal to first-world standards.  We use regular internal audits, close cooperation with  local labor bureaus and an open door policy to allow our facilities to be inspected at any time.  Furthermore, we monitor any sub-contractors and suppliers further down in our supply chain to ensure that they are do not engage in unsafe practices, underpaid workers and / or child labor. 

Is it true that Captain Kirk used bamboo?

Yes, it is. While seeking strange worlds and exploring new civilizations, Kirk was forced to battle the lizard-like Gorn—a battle ultimately decided by Kirk’s utilization of bamboo. More information can be obtained by viewing the episode ‘Arena’. (While Bamboo Expressions does not condone the practice of making bazookas from bamboo, we understand that there are certain times in intergalactic exploration that warrant an exception.)