Tonkin, Mao, Spotted, Black: almost all the poles sent from china are one or another type of phyllostachys. In the Wiki on phyllostachys it says, “Most of the species spread aggressively by underground rhizomes and some are considered invasive species”.

What makes bamboo so environmentally friendly is not how easy it is to make it grow, it’s how hard it is to make it stop growing. It truly shows its roots as a weed by colonizing it’s surroundings.

An Australian friend who was in the bamboo floor import business decided to plant some bamboo in his garden. He was a booster and wanted to show some solidarity with the species. That was years ago and to this day he regrets it, as it has completely taken over the garden, the lawn….he’s even convinced it’s going to (someday) start invading the house and perhaps kick out his family.